"Hear My Facebook" App

This app reads your Facebook news to you!

Just launch the app and it will download your Facebook friends news feed and read it out loud! Available in 19 languages!

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Works with headphones so no one will know you're listening to Facebook!

It's perfect for when you're busy doing something else.

Use while:
* Getting ready for school/work
* Driving or on the bus/train
* Any time you have your headphones on.
* Working out
* At work -- no one will see you're on Facebook!
* Busy using your hands

The app can read Facebook to you in several languages:

And if you're plugged in with the iPhone headset and a newer iPhone, just voice launch Hear My Facebook for a total hands free experience!

Let us know what other features you'd like! Or if you have any trouble using the app, let us know so we can fix it. Email us directly at


Privacy Policy: This app adheres to the developer and privacy guidelines of Facebook LLC and Apple Inc. All information is sent directly to and from Facebook servers. This app does not save or submit any information to any other server/location.

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Technical Support
If you have trouble using the app, please email us at support@usaconcepts.com and tell us the nature of the problem.

Please include your device type and operating system in your email, such as iPhone OS 5.0.1.